Jun Guo


Jun Guo received B.E. and M.E. degrees from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT), China in 1982 and 1985, respectively, Ph.D. degree from the Tohuku-Gakuin University, Japan in 1993. At present he is a professor and a vice president of BUPT. His research interests include pattern recognition theory and application, information retrieval, content based information security, and network management.

He has published over 200 papers, some of them are on world-wide famous journals or conferences including SCIENCE, Nature Scientific Reports, IEEE Trans. on PAMI, IEICE, ICPR, ICCV, SIGIR, etc. His book “Network management” was awarded by the government of Beijing city as a finest textbook for higher education in 2004.

His team got a number of awards in national and international academic competitions including: the first place in a national test of handwritten Chinese character recognition 1995, the first place in a national test of face detection 2004, the first place in a national test of text classification 2004, the first place of paper design competition held by IEEE Industry Application Society 2005, the second place in the competition of CSIDC held by IEEE Computer Society 2006, the first place in blog-distillation Track  by TREC 2009, the first place in Entity and Micorblog Track by TREC 2011.

He served as the Program Committee Chair of the first and second IEEE International Conference on Network Infrastructure and Digital Content in 2009, 2010 and 2012, respectively.

Selected Recent Publications in Journals

  1. Jun Guo, Hanliang Guo and Zhanyi Wang, An Activation Force-based Affinity Measure for Analyzing Complex Networks. Nature online magazine: Scientific Reports, 2011. http://www.nature.com/srep/2011/111012/srep00113/full/srep00113.html.
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  14. Haifeng Shen, Gang Liu, Jun Guo, Mixed environment compensation based on maximum a posteriori estimation for robust speech recognition, Artificial Intelligence Review, 32:1–11, 2009.


Selected Recent Publications in Conferences

  1. Weihong Deng, Jiani Hu, Jun Guo, In Defense of Sparsity Based Face Recognition, IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2013.
  2. Li Si, Zhengjun Zha, Zhaoyan Ming, Meng Wang, Tat-Seng Chua, Guo Jun, Xu Weiran, Product Comparison using Comparative Relations, The 34th Annual ACM SIGIR Conference, Beijing, 2011.
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  6. Lu Wenting, Li Lei, Li Tao, Zhang Honggang, Guo Jun, Web Multimedia Object Clustering via Information Fusion, The 11th International Conference on Documents Analysis and Recognition (ICDAR’11), Beijing, 2011.
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  8. Li Si, Zhang Hao, Xu Weiran, Chen Guang, Guo Jun, Exploiting Combined Multi-level Model for Document Sentiment Analysis, The 20th International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR’10), Istanbul, Aug. 23-26, 2010.
  9. Liu Lixia, Zhang Honggang, Feng Aiping, Wan Xinxin, Guo Jun, Simplified Local Binary Pattern Descriptor for Character Recognition of Vehicle License Plate, The 7th International Conference Computer Graphics, Imaging and Visualization, Sydney, Aug. 7-9, 2010.
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  16. Honggang Zhang, Jie Yang, Weihong Deng, Jun Guo, Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition Using Local Discriminant Projection with Prior Information, The 19th International Conference on Pattern Recognition, (ICPR 2008), Florida, 2008.

Selected Projects

  1. Research on Network Security and Information Security in Mobile Internet, funded by The Next-Generation Broadband Wireless Mobile Communications Network Technology Key Project under Grant No. 2011ZX03002-005-01, 2011.1-2013.1.
  2. Web Multimedia filter based on EMF, 863 high-tech project, funded by Ministry of Science and Technology, 2008.1-2011.1, No.2007AA01Z417.
  3. Research on Web image document file filtering, funded by National Nature Science Foundation of China, 2005.1-2005.12, No.60475007.
  4. Activation force-based complex networks modeling and its applications, funded by National Nature Science Foundation of China, 2013.1-2016.12, No. 61273217.
  5. Advanced Intelligence and Network Service, Chinese 111 program, No. B08004.